Kilim weaving grade 2


What you’ll learn in kilim weaving grade 2 course at Banafsheh Baft Academy:

  • Introduction to kilim’s history
  • Introduction to tools and materials
  • Introduction to common terms in kilim weaving
  • Introduction to types of kilim maps
  • Warp winding
  • Continuum weaving
  • dividing the loom (Siah Bandi)
  • Karbas kilim weaving 
  • Picot weaving
  •  Simple kilim weaving
  • Cut kilim weaving
  •  Kilim weaving with geometrical patterns
  • Kilim weaving in every dimension
  • Map reading
  • Amending the warp
  •   Amending the kilim
  • Putting down the kilim and cutting
  • Methods of keeping and washing kilim

Carpet weaving is an example of old and traditional arts in Iran. In the past, a right and complete method of carpet weaving wasn’t available for everyone.

By participating in Banafshe Baft Shahriar weaving courses, you can learn this valuable skill, and you can start your own business and have income.

Kilim weaving grade 2 in Banafshe Baft academy is available online and in-person. The duration of classes is 10 hours in 5 sessions.


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