About Us

Banafshe Baft

Banafshe Baft Shahriar Cooperative Company was officially found in 2013 by Mr. Bahman Tashakori,under the management of Mrs. Banafsheh Tashakori and in December of the same year, Banafshe Baft Shahriar Carpet Weaving and Handicraft School was opened as a subsidiary of the company.

This company expanded its production with about 20 weavers and produced all kinds of exquisite hand-woven carpets and rugs. After the production of carpets, due to the expansion of activities and the increase of workshops, the members of the company decided to produce exquisite all-silk carpets with exclusive designs, and along with that, by adopting organizational policies and the company’s development perspective and activities, they also trained carpet weavers. Then, in the second phase of his education and production in the handicrafts and weaving sector, he started the sewing department.

With the efforts and cooperation of the members of the cooperative company, we were able to be chosen as the best entrepreneur, the best cooperative in the city, province and country for several years in a row.

 She also participated in various international exhibitions every year, in Iran and other countries including Armenia, United Arab Emirates, and numerous national exhibitions along with trading and international exchanges.

Year 2014- Entrepreneur lady of Tehran province
Year 2015- The best cooperative of Tehran province
Year 2016- Entrepreneur woman of Tehran province
Year 2017- Shahriar’s top producer
Year 2022- Top cooperative of Tehran province

Today, with the support and trust of His Highness and the cooperation of experienced weavers and the trust of customers, we are proud to mention the Banafshe Baft brand as a symbol of the best entrepreneurship of women in the country after 12 years, who took their ideas from the thinking stage to the implementation stage.