Banafshebaft Academy

Banafshebaft Academy

*All carpet weaving courses are available for in-person and online classes, which include instructing videos and permanent support.

*By the end of courses, a special certificate along with a valid international license will be granted to you honorable students.

*Educational documents of Banafshe Baft academy have a proper impact on your CV for entering the industry.

*Banafshe Baft Shahriar academy has provided payments by instalments for the courses in order to improve the quality of services and facilitate the terms of applicants.

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Educational courses in Banafshe Baft Shahriar Academy:
• Carpet weaving grade 1→
• Carpet weaving grade 2→
Traditional and manual carpet designing→
Carpet designing with software
• Kilim designing
• Kilim weaving grade 1
• Kilim weaving grade 2
• Rug (gobe) weaving
• Integrative carpet and kilim weaving
• Tailoring
• Ribbon sewing
• Knitting with needle and hook
• Makrome weaving
• Needlecraft→

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