Zar O Nim

What does Zar O Nim carpet mean?

One of the ways to categorize carpets is dividing by size and dimensions. Zar O Nim is considered a carpet size which is less than 2 square meters and about 1.5 square meters. (150*100)

Zar O Nim carpet is used in small houses and to fill the small places in the house.

One of the measurement units in past times was Zar which converts to 104 or 112 centimeters. Linage unit Zar was used in calculation and measuring carpet’s density, number of the knots used in each carpet. Therefore, some types of small carpets are called Zar O Nim.

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  • 40,000,000 تومان
    • Exclusive design of Banafshe Baft Shahriar company
    • Size: 100 by 150 cm (Zar O Nim)
    • Material: Full silk
    • Linage: 100 lines (superfine-woven)
    • Texture type: Turkish
    • Color: Blue, Navy blue

    The first and most important feature of Goldani rug is its vase designs in different sizes. This is the reason it’s called Goldani (vase). Design and dyeing of this carpet exclusively belongs to Banafshe Baft company which is inspired by the original Goldani design from Shah Abbassi Era.

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  • 40,000,000 تومان
    • Size: 100 by 150 cm (Zar O Nim)
    • Material: silk flower
    • Material of warp and flower: High-grade silk
    • Texture type: Tabriz
    • Linage: 50 lines
    • Colors: White, Dark red, Cream 

     A Kheshti design carpet is also called a frame design carpet. Kheshti design carpet is one of the most original types of carpet available in Iran.One of the features of the Kheshti design carpet is the use of geometric patterns in an orderly and completely regular form using a predetermined principle.

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  • 40,000,000 تومان
    • Size: 100 by 150 cm(Zar O Nim)
    • Warp and flower material:Wool
    • Natural and fadeless color
    • Linage: 35 lines
    • Color: Red, Blue, Navy blue, Ivory, Brown, Beige, Yellow

    Mehraban Rug is a type of village carpets woven in Mehraban region in Hamedan province in west of Iran. Symmetrical knot with cotton weft pile is used in this carpet.

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